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Retail point of sale solutions

For high quality printed retail displays whether they are FSDU's or Counter Displays, Unique Packaging in Wantage, Oxfordshire is the right choice for you.

Retail packaging designs you can choose from

Floor standing display
 This is usually placed in the supermarket and retail store. It can be a unique and creative advertising point for your product. A well thought out display image with a great caption will not only attract customers' attention but also increase sales and profits.

Counter Top Display Units
Placed on the counter, desk or checkout counter in the supermarket or store, they enable the manufacturer and retailer to stimulate the buyer’s interest. A good counter display will not only attract the customer, but give vital information about the product's ingredients and how to use it.
Hanging Display Racks
For your products that are sealed within a polythene bag, we can produce a hanging rack display with hooks to place them on. The main benefits are that you can change the commodities on display often, as well as their position within the store, to allow easy access to them.

Pallet Display Stand
When space is limited, pallet stands are the most ideal choice. We can produce the pallet display to a custom made shape and size. A three or four sided pallet stand will allow you to display many products. It also allows the customer to choose the items from every side, making it a better shopping experience.
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We can supply:

  • Unique packaging for creative displays 
  • Strengthening brand image through point of sale, FSDU display stands 
  • Pop up stands and Counter displays 
  • Pallet display stands and promotional cards 
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Local packaging specialists

We operate from Wantage, Oxfordshire, but have served numerous customers from locations around the world with personalised packaging solutions. For unique counter displays, contact us.
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For more information on our retail packaging designs, call Unique Packaging on 01235 224 765
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