Retail Packaging

Retail point of sale solutions

Attracting the customer's attention as they walk into a retail store or supermarket is paramount to selling your products.

With creative and imaginative display units you will increase your sales

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Retail Packaging

retail display

Various Retail packaging designs

Floor standing display
This is usually placed in the supermarket and retail store. It can be a unique and creative advertising point for your product. A well thought out display image with a great caption will not only attract customers' attention but also increase sales and profits.

Counter Top Display Units

Placed on the counter, desk or checkout counter in the supermarket or store, they enable the manufacturer and retailer to stimulate the buyer’s interest.

A good counter display will not only attract the customer but also give vital information about the product's ingredients and how to use it.

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Hanging Display Racks

For products that are sealed within a polythene bag we can produce a hanging rack display with hooks to place them on.

The main benefits are that you can change the commodities on display and the position within the store as often as required.

stacked pallet

Pallet Display Stand

When space is limited pallet stands are the most ideal choice. Wie can produce pallet display to a custom - made shape and size.

A three or four-sided pallet stand will allow you to display many products. It also allows the customer to choose the items from every side, making it an easier shopping experience.

We Can Supply

  • FSDU display stands

  • Pop up stands and Counter displays

  • Unique packaging for creative displays

  • Pallet display stands and promotional cards

  • Strengthening brand image through point of sale

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counter packages
book display stand
valentines display
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Flexible Package
Ink Printed Labels
Label Stickers
Self-adhesive Labels
Pet Set
Thermal Transfer Labels

Food & drink packaging

chutney pack

Food & Drink packaging

From a wide range of paper materials, we can supply the full range of carton and corrugated boxes for your food and drink products.

We can produce wine and beer bottle domestic boxes to gift packs. Our company also produces a number of Christmas packs for chutneys and sauces as well as food pouches to help maintain product freshness.

We also offer a range of plastic containers, polystyrene trays, creative paper bags, foil and grease proof paper.


Individual product pouches

At Unique we specialise in packaging designs for jams, relishes, sauces, chutneys and oils. As well as glass jars and bottles for food and drinks.

We provide confectionery boxes and gift packs for clients across the world. Contact us today.

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Packaging solutions for:

  • Cakes and biscuits

  • Chocolate bars or sweets

  • Yoghurt, cream, and cheese

  • Fish and seafood

  • Fish and seafood

  • Wine bottles & Glassware

Cosmetic Packaging

make up

High-quality cosmetic packaging designs

Unique packaging offers an exciting range of cosmetic packaging . Airless bottles for spray, jars for beauty creams and creative gift boxes to enhance your products appearance as well as perfume packaging that will match the elegant fragrance of your scent.
Please contact us to discuss in full your packaging ideas

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For packaging experience

With 44 years of experience within the packaging industry, we are confident we can offer you the best option at competitive prices. You can contact us for food and drink packaging.

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Reasons to choose us

  • Tailored beauty packaging

  • Innovative perfume packaging

  • Make-up packaging

  • Bottles, pumps, dispensers

  • Complete retail packaging solutions


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Creative confectionery packaging

Unique Packaging offers a full range of confectionery packaging whether you require gift boxes for single products such as chocolates or for sweets such as candy presentation boxes. We can create the perfect box for you.

Our range also includes counter display units, free-standing display and shelf ready packs. Serving locations throughout the world

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Experienced packaging team

Our specialists at Unique Packaging have several years of experience in the business and can provide you with all types of packaging solutions. Contact us for protective packaging services.

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Reasons to choose us

  • Bakery products

  • Chocolate and sweet boxes

  • Gift boxes for individual products

  • Glass sweet jars

Bottles & Jars

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Innovative bottles and jars designs

Our range of bottles and jars are manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques and undergo a comprehensive inspection process including hi-tech photo scanning and stringent multi-point visual inspections to ensure that only the highest quality products leave the factory.

sweets in a jar

Our Range includes

  • Liquor bottles

  • Pharmaceutical bottles

  • Beverage bottles

  • Cosmetic bottles

  • Food storage

  • Nut jars

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beer and wine bottles

Eco Friendly Compostable Products

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What is Compostable Packaging? and what is it made from ?

It is made from plant-based, for example, corn starch or recycled materials and can be disposed of quickly in the soil and waste grounds in the right environmental conditions.

Compostable packaging is similar to other biodegradable packaging, but there are some differences. The added environmental advantage ‘compostable’ has over standard ‘biodegradable’ packaging products is you have a guarantee that the materials used do not produce toxins as they deteriorate.

That means compostable products can provide the earth with nutrients once they are fully broken down.

Biodegradable products also have no set timeframe in which they will break down into the earth. Certified compostable packaging, such as the products manufactured by Vegware and Fiesta Green, have a guarantee that they will biodegrade under specific conditions – such as within set timeframes or at certain temperatures.

All of Vegware and Fiesta Green’s compostability certified products become nutrient-rich compost within 12 weeks when disposed of in a BPI-certified commercial composting facility.

Recyclable packaging material made from corn starch on white background

Products supplied include

  • Eco-Friendly cardboard boxes produced from 100% recyclable material from Sustainable materials and if printed required can be printed with eco- friendly inks

  • Corn starch based packaging to replace plastic whether it be bottles or inserts that go inside a box

  • Compostable Bio - Pouches are produced from kraft paper (FSC CERTIFIED )and has three layers laminated with natural based adhesives.The heat sealable film is vegware and complies with EN 1342

  • Kraft paper Tape coated brown paper covered with natural rubber glue that is totally recyclable

  • Eco - Friendly padded cushion envelopes and mailing bags

Food pouches

Retail Christmas & Corporate gift packs

At Unique Packaging we supply a wide range of custom design gift packs. Your gift will be Unique so why not
pack it in a Unique Box contact us now to discuss in more detail

The products below can be purchased from

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Need custom packaging for your product?

For all food and drink packaging designs, 
call Unique Packaging on 01235 224 765
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